Sophia Dziegielewski

Professor of Social Work, College of Health and Public Affairs UCF Women Faculty Authors

Social work practice and psychopharmacology: A person and environment approach
Sophia Dziegielewski
Springer Publishing

  • Why do social workers need to know about mental health medications?
  • How can social workers best assist clients who are taking medications?
  • What is the social worker’s role as part of the interdisciplinary health care team?

Answering these questions and more, this comprehensive text discusses the major medications used to treat common mental health conditions and offers guidelines on how to best serve clients who are using them. This new edition provides guidance on many issues that social workers will encounter in practice, including identifying potentially dangerous drug interactions and adverse side effects; improving medication compliance; recognizing the warning signs of drug dependence; and understanding how psychopharmacology can work in conjunction with psychosocial interventions.

Complete with case examples, assessment tools, and treatment plans, this book offers practical insight for social work students and social workers serving clients with mental health conditions. New to this edition are expanded discussions of child and adolescent disorders, engaging discussions of how new drugs are created, approved, and marketed, and a new glossary describing over 150 common medications and herbal remedies.

DSM-IV-TR™ in action (2nd Edition)
Sophia Dziegielewski
Wiley Publishers

Thoroughly updated and revised?the bestselling resource for the practical application of the DSM-IV-TR for clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatmentNow with the most current treatments and evidence-based practices, DSM-IV-TR in Actionbrings the DSM-IV-TR to life with clear instruction on using it to formulate and complete an assessment, accurately diagnose clients, and prepare a comprehensive and effective treatment plan.Complete with new chapters on delirium, dementia, amnestic, and other cognitive disorders as well as on selected sexual disorders, the Second Edition also adds new coverage of disruptive behavior disorders, eating disorders in children, substance disorders, psychotic disorders, unipolar and bipolar mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. New treatment plans have been added, and existing ones have been updated. This edition also discusses the expected changes to come in the highly anticipated DSM-5.Numerous case studies bring the material to life and demonstrate how the DSM-IV-TR is applied in practice. In addition, the information on maintaining clinical records and using time-limited therapy, as well as an appendix of sample treatment plans, make this a must-have guide for students and seasoned mental health professionals.

Introduction to social work: The peoples’ profession (3rd ed.)
I. Colby and Sophia Dziegielewski
Lyceum Books

Recognized as the best text for Introduction to Social Work courses, this third edition of Colby and Dziegielewski’s classic text is an engaging introduction to the social work profession, designed for students interested in social work but uncertain of the nature of the profession. The authors are guided by three questions: Who are social workers? What is it that social workers do? How is the social work profession changing? The authors effectively communicate their own passion and enthusiasm for social work while realistically portraying the pressures and obstacles that social workers face. Unique profiles of contemporary social workers provide insight into their lives and the profession. The authors informal tone also prompts student self-reflection about his or her role as a social worker. The new edition has been redesigned around the 2008 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards for social work education and Code of Ethics information, including topics ranging from traditional agency-based practice to less conventional settings such as political and international social work.


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