Liz Grauerholz

Professor of Sociology, College of Sciences UCF Women Faculty Authors

Student Handbook to Sociology: Socialization
Elizabeth Grauerholz and Elizabeth Swart
Facts on File, Inc.

For centuries, humans have asked: What does it mean to be human? Sociologists suggest that the answer lies in understanding how we become human. This process, known as socialization, is the focus of Socialization. It examines how our identities are shaped by the cultures in which we live and how we, in return, play a role in shaping our social worlds. Special emphasis is given to gender, race, social class, and adult socialization processes and outcomes.



Student Handbook to Sociology: Stratification and Inequality
Elizabeth Grauerholz and Nicholas Guittar
Facts on File, Inc.

Despite the democratic and egalitarian ideals held by many in society, the unequal treatment of certain groups is a fact of social life. In Stratification and Inequality, we explore the ways in which inequality is structured within our society, and the social mechanisms that support systems of inequality. Included in this discussion is stratification on basis of race, ethnicity, social class, gender, age, species, and nationality. A central focus is on the consequences of stratification for individuals’’ lives and society as a whole.


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