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Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, College of Health & Public Affairs UCF Women Faculty Authors

Visual Examination of Voice Disorders
Christine Sapienza and Bari Hoffman Ruddy
Plural Publishing, Inc.

An excellent teaching tool, this DVD contains digital images of laryngoscopic, videostroboscopic, high speed imaging examinations, and phonosurgical procedures. It is an excellent source to be used in any graduate voice disorders class.



Voice Disorders
Christine Sapienza and Bari Hoffman Ruddy
Plural Publishing

Written by leading specialists in voice, this book captures the science and art of clinical voice. A necessary book for every graduate student in the field of speech language pathology, this text provides a level of detail needed to assess and treat those with voice disorders. Supplemented with case studies and video examples relevant to the study of clinical voice pathology, this edition provides supplemental material for the educator as well as pragmatic tools for the student and clinician.

For the second edition, the authors provide up-to-date information on vocal fold anatomy and physiology, including contributions on vocal fold biology. With new discussion on voice therapy trends and drug treatments, Sapienza and Ruddy’s text offers the student current educational information. Additionally, the new edition provides a contemporary discussion of head and neck cancer, including new statistics, comprehensive information on safety for the laryngectomy, and more details to guide the reader in understanding alaryngeal communication modes, particularly with TEP. Information on human papilloma virus and detail about robotics surgery in the head and neck population are also included. The included DVD has new sections on vocal pathologies, including discussion of autoimmune diseases, new laryngeal image color plates, and footage of TORS, in addition to 30 new laryngeal exams.


Voice Disorders Workbook
Christine Sapienza and Bari Hoffman Ruddy
Plural Publishing

This workbook is an excellent supplement to the Sapienza and Ruddy textbook Voice Disorders, Second Edition, allowing students to review chapter material and quiz themselves in an efficient manner. Closely linked to the textbook content, the workbook covers all ten chapters and serves as each student’s companion text and teaching aid for their graduate voice class.



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