Martha Hitt

UCF's First Lady 2014 Womens History Month

What is your current job title and responsibilities?
As wife of a college or university president, I am given the title “First Lady”. My most important responsibility is to represent the university 24/7 no matter when or where. As part of that role, I help host events, attend various functions, and help manage The Burnett House, the president’s home.

What is your history at UCF?
Began March 2, 1992, I have worked on various committees involving the university including the one that was responsible to build The Burnett House. I have also enjoyed being a member of the selection committee that selects students to serve on the President’s Leadership Council.

What is your favorite UCF memory?
Being present at the approval of the UCF College of Medicine. (If adding anything else is possible, I would like to include being at BCS Fiesta Bowl win, January 1, 2014, and the treasure of friendships of students I have gotten to know through the President’s Leadership Council and SGA.)

If you could change one thing at UCF, what would it be?
Additional money, especially for Endowed Chairs and Professorships

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with your colleagues?
Be open to challenges and new opportunities

What is your favorite restaurant or food?
Dark chocolate

If UCF was going to name something in your honor, what would you like it to be and why?
A scholarship for undergraduate/graduate students.  I am especially interested in students who could achieve greater academic success if they could work fewer hours to remain in school. Particularly interested in students studying Exceptional Education.

If you could have lunch with anyone at UCF (who you do not normally eat lunch with), who would you choose and why?
Vice-President Maribeth Ehasz. I have great admiration and respect for her and would like to know more about what UCF does to help students develop and be more successful.

Who at UCF would you like to thank for your success?
My husband John, who has believed in me and encouraged me for over 52 years.

Name and describe a teacher or researcher from your past who truly inspired you and why?
Dr. Edward Phillips. Dr. Phillips was a professor of history. It was obvious that he loved teaching and was a devoted scholar of history. He was demanding, fair and interested in the success of his students.

What undergraduate class/program/experience inspired you the most and why?
Dr. Phillip’s class in American History.  I had had no interest in history, but was required to take a history course to graduate. This class began for me a lifelong love of many areas of history that has enriched my life greatly. I will always be grateful to have been one of Dr. Phillips’ students.



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