UCF Women in the News

Guin, Karen. (2016. Jan 25). NIH Funds Study on Technology, Services for Children with Severe Speech Disabilities – Jennifer Kent-Walsh.

ACS. (2015). 2015 ACS Orlando Section Outstanding Four-year College Teacher – Karin Chumbimuni-Torres.

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Miller, N. (2014, Nov 10). UCF program uses exposure therapy to help veterans with PTSD. Orlando Sentinel.

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Kotala, Z. (2014. May 7). App Aims to Prevent Boat Mishaps, Protect Mosquito Lagoon. UCF Today. Retrieved from

Guin, K. (2014, May 6). UCF Faculty Members Named Editors of “Race and Justice”. UCF Today. Retrieved from

Abney, B. (2014, May 5). Reinhart Receives Kappe Award for Environmental Engineering. UCF Today. Retrieved from

Pardo, J. (2014, Apr 10). Lactation Privacy Rooms Available on Campus. UCF Today. Retrieved from

Kruckmeyer, G. (2014, Apr 9). UCF Composer’s Opera Brings Marco Polo’s Story to Life. UCF Today. Retrieved from

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Kotala, Z. (2013, Oct 16). UCF’s Santana Honored for Work with Farmworkers in Community. UCF Today.  Retrieved from

Kotala, Z. (2013, June 18). National Science Foundation Taps UCF Biology Talent.  UCF Today. Retrieved from

Kotala, Z. (2013, March, 28). UCF Alumna First Female Director of the Secret Service UCF Today. Retrieved from

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Kotala, Z. (2012, December 14). UCF Leader in Criminal Law to Facilitate Sanford’s Blue Ribbon Panel. UCF Today. Retrieved from



Women and STEM

Ossola, A. (2014, Dec 15). Vulnerable in the Field:  Sexual Assault is Common Among Scientists. Retrieved from

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NYT_Why Few Women in Science

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National Science Foundation Balancing the Scale:  NSF’s Career-Life Balance Initiative

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UCF Women Authored Articles

Guldi, M., Herbst, C. (2015).  Offline Effects of Online Connecting: The Impact of Broadband Diffusion on Teen Fertility Decisions. 

Guldi, M., Durrance C. (2015). Maternal Bed Rest and Infant Health


Women and the Arts

Sung, S.  Dayton Performing Arts Alliance.  The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, the nation’s first merged ballet-opera-symphony orchestra, will partner with composer Stella Sung on an innovative residency that will being in the summer of 2013.  2013 Music Alive Residency Awardees New Music USA

Reichard, R. (2012, September, 23). Successful Women Seminar speaker shares her secrets. Central Florida Future. Retrieved from


Work-Life Balance

Miller, C. C., Alderman, L. (2014, Dec 12). Why U.S. Women are Leaving Jobs Behind. Retrieved from

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Women in Higher Education

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UCF Center for Success of Women Faculty in the News

Pardo, J. (2013, March 5). Elect Her – Campus Women Win TrainingUCF Today. Retrieved from

Kotala, Z. (2013, March 1).  UCF Salutes Women Who Shaped the UniversityUCF Today. Retrieved from
Kruckemyer, G.  (2012, December 13). Center for Success of Women Faculty Redefines Direction.  UCF Today.  Retrieved from


Harvard Kennedy School – Women and Public Policy Program
The Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard Kennedy School is happy to announce the launch of its Gender Action Portal (GAP), a searchable online platform providing information on what works to close gender gaps.
GAP provides scientific evidence—based on experiments in the field and in the laboratory—on the impact of policies, strategies, and organizational practices aimed at closing gender gaps in the areas of economic opportunity, politics, health, and education to help translate research into action and take successful interventions to scale. It draws from multiple disciplines, including economics, psychology, political science, sociology, and organizational behavior.
We hope you will find GAP helpful as you craft public policy and design organizational practices and procedures, pursue research, and close gender gaps across the globe. Feel free to share GAP widely with your networks to maximize the reach of this knowledge and increase the impact we can have together.


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