UCF Celebrates 2016 Women’s History Month

Since March of 1981, Americans everywhere have helped pay tribute to women whose commitment to humanity and to our planet have proved to be invaluable for society.  At UCF, women have been instrumental in shaping our university from its origins into the amazing institution it is presently.  We are honored and privileged to share the stories of 31 of these women with you, one for each day of the month of March.  We also invite you to visit the Women’s History Month archives link. Thank you and Happy Women’s History Month!

Candice Bridge
Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry and National Center for Forensic Science
Shannon Carter
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Tosha Dupras
Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology
Deirdre Englehart
Associate Lecturer, School of Teaching, Leadership and Learning
Denise Crisafi
Program Coordinator, Office of Research and Civic Engagement in the Burnett Honors College
Jennifer Shambrook
Director, Contracts and Grants Office, Office of Research and Commericialization
Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz
Assistant Professor, School of Visual Art and Design
Charlie Piper
Assistant Director, Contract Compliance and Administrator Support
Mary Lou Sole
Dean and Professor, College of Nursing
Elizabeth Mustaine
Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology
Cherie Yestrebsky
Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Chemistry
Lucretia Cooney
Associate Director, Faculty Excellence
Fidelia Nnadi
Associate Professor and Director Office of Diversity and Inclusion for the College of Engineering and Computer Science
Jennifer Kent-Walsh
Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Christine Mouton
Director, UCF Victim Services
Youndy Cook
Deputy General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
Alisha Janowsky
Assistant Chair and Undergraduate Program Director, Psychology
Yovanna Pineda
Associate Professor, History Department
Nataly Chandia Viano
Assistant Vice President, International Affairs and Global Strategies
Anna Jones
Director, QEP and Associate Professor, Department of English
Ana Leon
Professor, School of Social Work
Margaret Zaho
Associate Professor, School of Visual Arts and Design
Kelly Allred
Assistant Clinical Professor, Nursing
Norma Conner
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
Deborah Breiter Terry
Professor, Department of Tourism, Events and Attractions
Bari Hoffman Ruddy
Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Christine Dellert
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Communications and Marketing
Pamela Carroll
Professor and Dean, College of Education and Human Performance
Joyce Nutta
Professor, School of Teaching, Learning and Leadership
Elizabeth Dooley
Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Dean College of Undergraduate Studies
Amanda Anthony
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Claire Connolly Knox
Assistant Professor, School of Public Administration

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